2016 Tesla Model X Specs, Review and Details

2016 Tesla Model X Specs, Review and Details

The Tesla Model X is an electric vehicle with all-wheel drive and a passenger compartment with up to seven seats. Tesla classifies it as SUV  although it is not suitable for off-road use. By its system of impulsion and silhouette, no other model is equal; By size – measuring 5.05 meters in length – and capacity, the closest are the Audi Q7 , Bentley Bentayga , BMW X5 , Mercedes-Benz GLS and Volvo XC90 .

Among these, it is the one that accelerates the most, the one that has the best access to the squares of the second and third row, the least comfortable suspension and, together with the GLS, the worst one unfolds on a road Very twisted. And, in what does not vanquish none, it is when it comes to drawing attention, how the rear doors (up) and the interior are opened, in which it is remarkable the presence of a huge screen (17 ” ) In the dashboard from which almost all the equipment of the car is handled.

Tesla Model X 2016

2016 Tesla Model X Specs, Review and Details

Both the starting price (from € 97 150) and the more expensive version (from € 172,400) are higher than the cars mentioned above, with the exception of the Bentley which, in all cases, is considerably more expensive.

The range of the Model X differs by the power and capacity of the battery. There are four versions, called 75D, 90D, 100D and P100D. The number refers to the capacity of the battery (75, 90 and 100 kWh); The letter D to which has two motors (dual drive); And the letter P to which it is the version of greater benefits (Performance) and that receives updates of speed. This is another of the peculiarities of this model: through the internet connection of the car (with the mobile network or via Wi-Fi), programming updates are received from the various components of the car (battery and engine management or Driving, for example).

The 75D and 90D versions have 333 hp, the 100D, 423 hp; And the P100D, 612 hp. We have tested the latter, to which we have measured an acceleration capacity of 80 to 120 km / h similar to that of an Audi RS6 and a  BMW M5 . To understand the magnitude of the result we must know the relationship between the weight and power of each one, given that the Model X is the worst (Audi 3.61 kg / hp, BMW 3.47 kg / hp and Tesla 4, 18 kg / hp). The weight of the Tesla is much larger (2562 kg, the other two are in about 2000 kg, but the ballast that supposes an electric battery of so much capacity virtually disappears if you compare the Model X with its alternatives.

According to the data obtained during the homologation, the 75D version has 417 km of autonomy; 90D, 489 km; The 100D, 565 km; And the P100D, 542 km. As with thermal engine cars, in actual use these values ​​are difficult to attain; In addition, in electric cars, the temperature significantly affects the autonomy, not only the operation of the battery but also because the air conditioning system is electric (in winter the autonomy is lower than in summer). Circling at 120 km / h, in a distance of 200 km, our P100D had an average consumption of 28 kWh / 100 km with the climate adjusted to 23 degrees and an outside temperature that varied between 12 and 18 ºC.

Along with the Model S , the Model X is the only electric car with which one can consider making long trips. For its autonomy, greater than that of a  Renault ZOE  (which is the next model for battery capacity, 40 kWh), but above all, because Tesla is deploying in Spain a network of very fast chargers (at 120 kW), Which in half an hour provide about 200 km of autonomy.

Charging the whole of such a large battery in a household outlet (230 V and 10 A) requires almost two days; Over eight hours, they recharge a little less than 18 kWh, which they give to do about 45-65 km. It is therefore necessary to install a more powerful charging system in the home. A wallbox of 7.4 kW can store almost 60 kWh (the theoretical load must be subtracted losses, which vary depending on various factors such as temperature) at the same time. Outside of the home, it is possible to recharge the Model X in any recharging socket because Tesla has adapters to connect it to the domestic socket (Schukko), the moderate recharge points (Type 2 or Mennekes) and fast (CHAdeMO; This is optional).

The electric part of the car – battery and engines – has an eight-year unlimited mileage warranty; For the rest, there are four years or 80,000 km.

2016 Tesla Model X Specs, Review and Details

It is a wide car, although it offers a few centimeters less in longitudinal sense and in width than its alternatives; On the other hand, is the one that has more space available to the ceiling, something curious to be the lowest. It can be ordered with five, six or seven seats, in configuration 2-3, 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 respectively. The second row, when it has three seats, can be of two types; To the third, which is folding, is easily accessed through the doors of sophisticated vertical opening. There is space for luggage behind the seats  and also under the hood, which allows transporting a remarkable cargo volume even with the seven seats occupied. There is more information about the passenger compartment,

Although the equipment is abundant, the Model X lacks elements that are in its alternatives. For example, it can not have a system that projects information about the windshield, controls in the rear seats for the air conditioning, an electrical system that automatically folds and repositions the seats of the last two rows, massage function in the seats and the Suspension, which is pneumatic, allows to vary the firmness at will. Neither is there an entertainment system for rear seats or wireless recharging areas for mobile phones.

The driving assistants available at this time (they can change, according to the updates that Tesla is doing) are the active speed programmer, maintenance in the lane, automatic parking and movement of the car (in a straight line) from the mobile To park or to remove from narrow places.

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