2016 Ford Focus RS also brutal in the snow

2016 Ford Focus RS also brutal in the snow

The Ford Focus RS 2016 can also roll at high speed on snow or ice. This is evidenced by this video where we see the car sliding on this type of terrain.

Ford has made the Focus RS the first vehicle ever to offer such a package, and it’s a good one at that. North American Focus RS customers can have their new hot hatchbacks fitted with 18-inch silver-colored wheels, which are shod in Michelin Alpin PA4 rubber. It’s a 225/40R series tire on an 18×7.50-inch wheel, and it’s definitely going to give you more sure footing when plowing through the white stuff. The price of the set of tires is 1,800 euros extra, apart from the 32,210 euros it costs in the US market.

2016 Ford Focus RS also brutal in the snow

The Ford Focus RS 2016 also hit the Spanish market, but for a price of 40,260 euros and wheels 19 inches , signed by Recaro seats and bi-xenon headlights as standard, among other things we have seen in other models in the range. As in other countries, Spain will come with the gasoline engine 2.3 Ecoboost at a power level of 350 hp , mated to an automatic six-speed gearbox and four-wheel drive to the ‘system Dynamic Torque Vectoring ‘ . This is the same mechanism found in the new Ford Mustang , which has come to Europe for the first time, except that in the latter, the power stays in the 314 CV.

Therefore, this is the most powerful Ford Focus RS its three generations, regardless of the 500 units that were developed from the Ford Focus RS second generation, which after a special preparation also managed to extract 350 hp from its engine pentacilíndrico 2.5 liter gasoline.

As itself is a pioneer is that this Ford Focus RS 2016 is the first of the three generations which makes use of a five-door body and, of course, of the four-wheel drive (FWD above).

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