2015 Mercedes G-Class

2015 Mercedes G-Class Specs, Price, Detail

Marketed in 1979, the all-terrain Mercedes G-Class could figure youngtimer. But then, Mercedes always in its catalog and even offers a few new features for summer 2015 with more powerful engines.
2015 Mercedes G-Class
2015 Mercedes G-Class #1

Kind of dinosaur automobile, Mercedes G-Class continues his career started there nearly four decades. Four decades marked by successive changes but never by technical or aesthetic overhaul. 2015 Mercedes G-Class

In 2015 again, the visual changes are minor and can be summarized to a new bumper with three air intakes AMG through and new wheel arches. Mercedes also introduced more tangy colors that contrast with the aristocratic spirit to which the G slipped gradually but stick perfectly to the bling side that some find him or criticize him.

2015 Mercedes G-Class
2015 Mercedes G-Class #2

The cockpit, he has nothing to envy of the brand sedans equipment issues and refinement.

2015 Mercedes G-Class
2015 Mercedes G-Class #3

The same engine as the coupe AMG GT

The bulk of the work concerns engines including compliance with Euro 6 standards. Except the huge 6.0L V12 version 65 AMG, they all offer a start & stop and announce fuel consumption and lower emissions. Of course, the permanent AWD and automatic transmission 7 reports are serial office.

One diesel model is in the catalog, the 3.0L V6 (G350d) whose power goes 211 hp to 245 hp. Its torque also moves up from 540 Nm to 600 Nm.

2015 Mercedes G-Class

In essence, the offer is wide to start with the 4.4L V8 biturbo (G500) borrowed from the AMG GT and delivers 422 hp and 610 Nm. It replaces the 5.5 L V8 387 bhp.

The G-Class then directly provides the AMG label with the model 63 (V8 5.5L 571 hp – 760 Nm) and variant 65 (6.0L V12 630 hp – 1000 Nm). Remember, the old claimed 544 hp AMG versions for the G63 and G65 for 612 hp. As for performance, the Class G announces figures worthy of a sports car with 5”9 at 0 to 100 km / h for the G500, and even down to 5”3 for the 630 hp versions.Marketed in the summer, the 2015 vintage Mercdes G-Class still exceed € 90,000 at entry level.